Saturday, July 08, 2006

Adoption Show on the Radio

Adoption Radio Show

Here's the link to Michelle's Radio show that is on Sunday nights. It has the past 3 shows on the site. If you are pressed for time I highly recommend listening to show 2 and show 3 prior to show 1.

Adoption Radio Show

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Forced to "Give Up" a Baby for Adoption

My real mother cried for me as my second mother wrote out a check for my purchase.

- Forced into "Giving Up" a Baby -

"Adoptable" Newborn Babies for Sale - with Guarantees

Some people claim adoption is "for the child". But adoption is really for the businesses that sell babies and for their customers.

The following letter is from years past. In modern times, the techniques used to get healthy newborns for customers have changed, but the separating of moms and babies and the baby selling continues. The buyer will inevitably rationalize why she had a "right" to kick around a mother who was single and take her baby.

Letter from the Fairmount Maternity Home

This is a letter sent to a prospective adoptive parent from the Fairmount Maternity Home in Kansas City Missouri. I am an Adoptee who was born at the Fairmount Maternity home.

This article was published in the Search of Texas Quarterly Update 11-1-52

Fairmount Maternity Hospital
Phone Harrison 4726
1414 East 27th Street Kansas City, Missouri

Mrs. (Private) 3017
(Private)] Tulsa, Oklahoma

We are pleased to advise you that we always have desirable babies for adoption. Their ages range from a few days old to several weeks, and we offer for adoption only fine, healthy babies of good parentage. We know you can make a satisfactory selection from these babies. It is necessary to fill out the enclosed application blank, return to us with three letters of reference, and $5.00 for filing fee. We will advise you when to come for the baby. Do not come until we notify you to come. But we will do our best to get a lovely baby for you at the earliest possible time. The court prefers one letter from a minister, if possible, and the other two from lawyers, doctors, bankers, or good business men. Have the letters mention both you and your husband. What the court wants to know is that you are people of good moral standing and are physically and financially able to care for your child. The adoption can be arranged in one day if desired.

The total cost of adoption, including court costs and blood test, is Forty-seven Dollars and Fifty cents($47.50) By adopting a child from this institution, you are assured of getting a healthy, normal child, which has had a thorough medical examination and has been found free from disease of every character. We also encourage you to have your family doctor make an examination, and if he finds anything irregular, return the baby to us. Trusting we may have the pleasure of brightening up your home with a little one, and that we may hear from you in the immediate future. We are.

Very Truly Yours
Fairmount Maternity Home
Eve Hill Thomson -Superintendent

The following link contains articles which provide some insight into the current exploitation of United States citizens to obtain babies for adoption, as well as the effects of separation/adoption on adoptees and on their natural family members:

Human Rights - Infant Adoption Awareness, Reproductive Technologies and the Effects on Society

Thursday, June 29, 2006

What's an Adopted Person to Think?

I just found this article about creating human beings using eggs from aborted fetuses and sperm from embryonic stem cells.

"By these methods, we would produce children sprung from the dead, or children whose parents were never allowed to be born, or children who resemble those who never had human faces."

"In other words, it may be possible to destroy embryos and harvest usable eggs and sperm from their tiny cellular cadavers."

"But with the eggs of an aborted fetus, the hunt for one's origins leads the child back to a void -- indeed, to a slain organism never allowed to flourish, never known in person, never mourned in death."

I know lots of adoptees who want to kick the ass of their mother/father who abandoned them. This is true even when the parents were young or single and forced by a "Christian" society to "legally abandon" their babies for "adoption" by infertile people.

But with the new baby-production techniques, there would be no mother or father with an ass to kick... some of the true parents not having made it to the stage of embryonic development to even have gills yet!

Maybe at that point, the adopted person will immediately comprehend where to place the blame - and kick the ass of the people who bought her.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Vietnamese Adoption vs. Korean Adoption

I have seen few blogs or websites by adoptees from other countries outside the United States and Europe. Most of the rest were Korean adoptees. So I was particularly interested when I found a blog by an adoptee with Vietnamese origins.

She writes beautifully and expresses herself so well. And the illustrations are phenomenal. Here is the link to one post:

Vietnamese Adoptee Blog

"The subject turned to "angry adoptees" and my black humor set in. I told her maybe I should kick it up a notch lest people begin to see a limited picture of "happy Vietnamese and Chinese adoptees" as opposed to "angry Korean adoptees". Would it become like some kind of breeding thing where Korean adoptees were seen as pit-bulls and Vietnamese and Chinese adoptees were seen as lapdogs? Would adoptees be graded on their "disposition" as well as availability, ease of acquisition and cost?"

My comments (unnecessary, and perhaps unwelcome - but then again this is my blog):

Adoption is rarely about the person who was adopted (or outright purchased). It is all focused on the "neediness" of the infertile or gay baby buyer - and of course it is also about the tragically low status of women and true motherhood in many countries.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Blood Ties and Family Unity

Just a little something I found interesting...

Carnelian- is a translucent to clear waxy form of quartz, it is flesh colored, or red, orange, or reddish-brown. It is the stone of integrity & a symbol of the strength & beauty of the earth. Carnelian is attributed with the ability to stimulate & to stir into action. It softens anger & disperses strife. It promotes contentment, thus it is a good stone to wear. Carnelian helps a person to develop self-control. It is a stone of blood ties & family unity since it's primary attribute is to strengthen. Ancient people accredited carnelian with currative powers & it was used in general healing.

Resource: Earth Medicine by Kenneth Meadows

Dear Birthmother
Help for single, pregnant women and teenagers.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Cruelty of Surrogacy and Human "Donations"

A few blogs ago I wrote about Son of a Surrogate who was trying to explain that the "traditional surrogate" mother was his real mom and how much heartache this unnatural situation caused for the human being whose mother sold him.

Today a lady wrote who is also the child of a "traditional surrogate" (aka her real mom). I'm always startled by the depth of anger the adopted person has toward her mother - but when the mother and father both DID IT ON PURPOSE it must be FAR WORSE.

Here is the blog of the Daughter of a Surrogate

She writes:
My dad was my real dad and I was adopted by my mum. They had "hired" my real mum to get pregnant by my dad and give them me. They showed me pictures of her and told me that I had older sibs.I always fantasised that she would fly over from America and come and get me one day and say that she couldn't live without me anymore. I remember waiting for her on the front steps and looking at every blonde lady that would walk by to see if she looked like the lady in the picture. I used to think that she would come and see my recitals and plays and she would be sitting in the audience. Well it Never happened. She never came back and got me. In fact, when I found her (actually,my parents knew all along where she was and I was told the day after I turneed 18) last summer, she told me that she never considered me to be her daughter and that she was very happy to make someone else a family and that she never wanted to keep me. Lovely, isn't it. Well my childhood fantasies got shot to hell in one 10 minute phone conversation. It is always nice to hear that your mother got paid for you and never wanted you. Really Nice.

I am just looking for someone like me. Is there anybody out there in the same situation? Anyone? Please, I want to hear from you. I feel so alone and so much like a freak. Half Adopted. Umbilicly challenged. My mum never wanted me. Boofucking hoo, where is my violin. But seriously. I need to find someone like me!

Daughter of a Surrogate

Wait, there are more good posts from this

Surrogacy Blog:

Here I was born around the time of the Baby M fiasco. I have never told anyone this, but I am so jealous of Baby M. Her mum fought for her straight away. She could not bear to part with her. Why couldn't that have been me?
I almost feel as if there is something wrong with my natural mum. Like she is a few bricks short of a load. And then I look at the other two that raised me. How do you ask a woman to give you her child? Are you fucking daft? How can you sleep at night? I wonder who is crazier.

Adoptees are bastards!

Yes, I DID think that title would get your attention. Most white single mothers in the United States in the 1960s were told their "adoptable" newborn children must be "given up" for adoption. Adoption was being prescribed by "professionals" - ostensibly to prevent the stigma of bastardy. But concern for insults to the children was not the real motive. (After all, the churches could have simply told everyone Jesus was a bastard and so God was clearly not opposed to bastardy...but they did not.)

What were the real motives for adoption?

"Adoption" helped to

- clean up society, "wiping out" families that were not of the family-unit family type
- avoid male consequences for sexual activity
- "save" the family's reputation

Women were treated badly, always under threat of having their children taken, if they refused to marry or get an (illegal) abortion. The mothers-to-be were often denied any information on pregnancy or childbirth and sometimes left alone during childbirth with no support and no anesthesia as a punishment. Sometimes the moms were drugged far too much during childbirth, so that they would not remember anything at all for days afterwards. Their options were severly limited. Having been interred in maternity facilities or hidden away in basements, they had no earning power during pregnancy. They had their mail censored. The babies' fathers were usually denied access to the moms and to their babies when born. Sometimes it was the grandparents who signed the papers relinquishing their daughter's parental rights. Other times, mothers were tricked into signing or threatened with involuntary termination (which would limit their future job options) if they did not sign a "voluntary" relinquishment. Sometimes the papers they signed were blank. Rarely did they have any legal representation.

Sometimes the people "hoping to adopt" got to "tour" the maternity facility and pick out the woman they would use as a "handmaiden", the servant whose job was to produce a baby for them.

The people who bought the babies were all (we're led to believe) completely satisfied with the healthy newborn bastards they purchased.

Not all babies were "chosen". The "spares" that did not get adopted were maintained in foster care or institutionalized.

Following is a link to a website on adoption by the bastards - now adult adoptees. The website provides information about the states in which mothers and "bastards" are still being denied their most fundamental human rights and civil rights.

Adoption and Adoptee Rights

Thursday, May 25, 2006

How Can I Buy a Baby

I found this on my website statcounter today:

"How can I buy a baby from a birthmother before or after birth"

I may be slow...but isn't it illegal to buy a human being? I know, I know...when people are infertile they DESERVE to get a baby to use. And many businesses profit from the baby-selling and baby-buying.

Sadly, while there is too little emphasis on strengthening real families, there is a lot of emphasis on getting an unrelated baby to "attach" (love the adopters).

Good grief, why don't the infertile people love the kid - even a little - and help the original family?

"How can I buy a baby from a birthmother before or after birth"

Get a CLUE, people. There is no such "thing" as a "birthmother" or incubator. There is only the mother of her own son or daughter.

Birthmothers and adoption.

I might add that "adoptable babies" was also on my statcounter. The infertiles and gays HATE to take in true orphans when they can just buy "newborn" human beings stolen from naive Christian families.